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Ultimate Plastic Car Interior Restore with Sponge

Ultimate Plastic Car Interior Restore with Sponge

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Brand new Ultimate Plastic Restore with Sponge. Retails for $20. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY IN WEST SACRAMENTO, CA.

AutoSmith Ultimate Plastic Restore with Sponge 
Your car is your pride and joy, so keep it looking its best with Ultimate Plastic Restore. It helps to renew and enhance plastic, rubber and vinyl on the interior and exterior of your vehicle. The special formula penetrates the surface of the material, rejuvenating faded, weathered material on your trim, dash, fenders, bumpers and more to prevent fading, discoloration and cracking caused by sun damage. It's your car restored!  

What You Get 

  • 16 oz. Bottle of Ultimate Plastic Restore
  • Sponge
  • Instructions


  • Color Choices: Black
  • Country of Origin: USA


Works on plastic, vinyl and rubber vehicle surfaces     

  • Rejuvenates materials to make them appear newer
  • Keeps trim, dash, bumpers, fenders, tires and more looking clean and restored
  • Darkens and shines surfaces on interior and exterior of vehicle
  • Repels rain, salt and dirt
  • Helps prevent fading, discoloration and other damage from UV exposure

Fast drying 

  • No-streak formula
  • Handy applicator sponge

HN37, Box HN33,  A7/3