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philosophy limited edition 6-piece shower gel set, 16-oz each

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Brand new philosophy limited edition 6-piece. 

If you’re not familiar with Philosophy, they offer a range of perfumes, skincare, body care, and even makeup products — including these deliciously scented multi-taskers.
Each gel can be used to wash your hair, cleanse your body, or make bubble baths. Depending on the strength of the scent and how you use them, some scents will linger on the skin a little afterward. You have a better chance of the scent lingering if you use them as shower gels and rub them in directly into your skin versus taking a bath in the gels. When using these in the bath, they tend to go much quicker.
Enjoy the scents of the season with this six-piece special edition philosophy collection, filled with holiday classics and soon-to-be favorites.
Here are all the delicious scents that are included in this set:
Cinnamon Chai Latte
This is a blend of cinnamon, caramel, and creamy vanilla, with a touch of toasted coconut.
Vanilla Velvet Truffle
This is a cozy and decadent blend of vanilla blossom, creme brulee, creamy coconut, vanilla orchid, and cashmere woods.
Snow Angel
Its sweetly fallen snow scent and pearlized shimmer capture the joy of a fresh snowfall to bring you holiday cheer.
Candy Cane
This is an invigorating blend of peppermint blooms, mixed mint accord, and spearmint petals.
Sparkling Hollyberries
This is a mix of cassis, pomegranate, almond, violet, and fig.
Shimmering Snowlace
This is a blend of frozen lemon, pink freesia, white blossom, softwoods, and musk.
If you are looking for individual gifts for your friends and family, these Philosophy bottles of goodness are just what you need! With the options to be used as either shampoo, shower gels, or bubble baths, these heavenly scented products are the perfect Christmas gift. The award-winning, multitasking formula with their fan-favorite scents condition as they cleanse, leaving skin and hair silky-soft and lightly perfumed.