No Pull Dog Leash, Size Large

No Pull Dog Leash, Size Large

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Brand new No Pull Dog Leash. Size Large. Color Pink. Retails for $30. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY IN WEST SACRAMENTO, CA.

No-Pull Dog LeashReady to train your dog to stop pulling on the leash? All you need to do is start walking with the innovative No-Pull Leash. Designed to signal your dog and have him or her correct their own behavior, this leash may just become your new best friend — right after your furbaby, of course. Learn to love walking your dog while your dog learns how to walk with you.

Good To Know

  • Sizes are based on dog's weight
  • Large leash fits dogs from 26 lbs. to 150 lbs.

Designed by certified animal behaviorist

  • Helps to prevent pulling when on the leash
  • You don't need to pull, tug or otherwise correct your dog

Easy to attach and use

  • Attach clasp to dog's collar as normal
  • Wrap the lead around the dog's chest
  • Push the leash handle through the metal ring
  • Hold your arm steady as you walk
  • When lead becomes taut, simply wait for your dog to slow his or her pace

Easily, safely and humanely stop dogs from pulling

  • Takes the stress out of training
  • Helps train your dog not to pull
  • Learn to love walking your dog

HN140, BOX HN33, A7/3