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HydroActive Fuel and Cool Towel & Drinking Bottle

HydroActive Fuel and Cool Towel & Drinking Bottle

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Brand new HydroActive Fuel and Cool Towel & Bottle. One towel has gotten dirty due to shipping. Retails for $20. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY IN WEST SACRAMENTO, CA.

HydroActive Fuel and Cool Towel & BottleHot weather won't stop you from recreating, gardening or playing with the kids outside. Keep your cool with this hydroactive towel that helps wick moisture from your skin and keeps you in the game for hours. Then stay hydrated with the handy square water bottle that won't roll away as the action heats up. The heat may be on, but you'll never let them see you sweat. What You Get

  • 2 Cooling towels
  • 25 fl. oz. Water bottle
  • Instructions

Cools instantly when wet

  • Cools to 30 degrees Fahrenheit below the average body temperature
  • Stays cool for up to 2 hours when wet     
  • UPF 50 sun protection
  • Wear it at the gym, on game day or anytime you are outside and need to beat the heat
  • Must-have for athletes, fitness junkies and outdoor enthusiasts

Proprietary fabric with instant cooling technology

  • Activates when you sweat during activity

Lightweight design

  • Breathable and comfortable for all activities

Activation instructions

  • Soak the fabric with water and wring out
  • Snap/wave in air to activate the cooling technology
  • To re-activate, simply repeat


  • Opens at both ends for easy cleaning
  • Square profile won't roll away if you drop it (or use it during a workout)
  • Wide handle and easy-open top
  • Fits into cup holders and bike racks
  • BPA-free

More features

  • Towel is chemical-free

HN99, Box HN88 - out of box, 1 towel