Eau de Repassage Linen & Ironing Water, Fig
Eau de Repassage Linen & Ironing Water, Fig

Eau de Repassage Linen & Ironing Water, Fig

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Brand new Eau de Repassage Linen & Ironing Water, Fig. Retails for $25. Shipping available. 

  • FRESHEN FABRIC THE FRENCH WAY: Experience unique and effective cleaning results using Florence de Dampierre’s Fabric Fresh Linen & Ironing Water Spray. Florence’s formula of scenting water with unique floral blends follows the same solution that the French have been using for centuries to freshen their fabrics.
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE: All of Florence’s products are developed without the use of harsh chemicals leaving a safe, pleasant and calming aroma. Her scented fabric refresher spray is strong enough to mask odors, but gentle enough to keep your fabrics in mint condition. Florence’s scented ironing water can be used on any fabric - linens, clothing, bedding, drapes, and furniture - to add a light, refreshing scent. It’s a great way to freshen your home or car.
  • EASY TO USE: Florence’s linen scented spray can be poured into your iron or sprayed directly onto fabrics to add a beautiful fragrance to your clothing. Mist this linen water on wet or dry fabrics or use in your iron to give all kinds of household fabrics a fresh, clean scent.
  • 22 fl. Oz.

bR30 HA3