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Crepe Erase Advanced Body Treatment System

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Take your first step in tackling dry, crepey areas on the body with the Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment. The silky emulsion features TruFirm Complex and a blend of exfoliators (AHA/BHAs) that remove dull surface layers to uncover visibly smoother, softer, radiant-looking skin.

After prepping skin with the Pre-Treatment, follow with the Advanced Body Repair Treatment. Formulated with hydrators and TruFirm Complex, this fast absorbing Treatment visibly firms, hydrates, soothes and smooths the look of skin. You'll see plumper looking skin with a more youthful-looking appearance.

Eye Cream helps smooth the look of skin.

How do I use it: Apply Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment to moist skin and gently massage in circular motions to buff away dull layers. Rinse and dry.

Liberally apply Advanced Body Repair Treatment. Gently massage into skin in a circular motion until fully absorbed.

Apply a thin layer of Eye Cream at night. 

  • Includes 10-oz Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment, 10-oz Advanced Body Repair Treatment, and Eye Cream