SOLD New Children’s Halloween Costumes

Various new Halloween costumes.

$20: Star Wars Darth Vader, ages 3-4. Includes a jumpsuit with body armor, belt, boot tops, cape, and mask. Retails for $20.

$10: Bat Witch, ages 7-8. Includes dress and hat. Retails for $15.

$20: Gypsy Fortune Teller, ages 3+. Includes dress and scarf. Retails for $30.

$20: Star Wars Han Solo, age 3-4. Includes shirt with attached vest, pants with attached boot tops. Retails for $30.

$15: Evil Princess, ages 3+. Includes dress, tiara, cuffs. Retails for $25.

$10: Adult Pirate Tutu. Retails for $20.

$20: Ninja Turtle Michaelangelo. Includes jumpsuit with belt and shoe covers, elbow and knee pads, mask, stuffable shell. Retails for $30.

$20: Alice Through the Looking Glass, ages 4-6. Retails for $40.

$10: Star Wars BB-8, ages 3-4. Includes headpiece and romper. Retails for $20.

$5: Beauty and the Beast Belle child’s wig. Retails for $10.

$20: Batman’s Catwoman, ages 8-10. Includes jumpsuit, belt, gloves, eye mask, and headpiece. Retails for $30.

$20: Gothic Ballerina, ages 5-7. Retails for $30.

$10: Power Rangers Pink Ranger, size 2T. Retails for $25.

$15: Sponge Bob Mr. Superawsomeness, size Small. Retails for $30.

To purchase this item, please contact us at (916) 238-8892 (text or call) or by filling out the “Contact Us” form above.

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